Thursday, September 5, 2013

Taos: Best of the Best

In the last couple of years Taos has distinguished itself by being named among the "Best Small Towns in America" by Smithsonian Magazine, in the top "20 Places to See Before You Die" by Fodors, "10 Best Ski Resorts in America" by Mens Fitness Magazine, "Ten Places Every American Should See," by Yahoo Travel, "America's Prettiest Towns" by Forbes Magazine, "World's 25 Best Ski Towns" by National Geographic, and many more accolades from national and international media.

Northern New Mexico is a place unlike any other in the United States.  The culture, the landscape, and the climate each have their own unique characteristics that distinguish this little corner of America from where you live. 

Begin with the only inhabited UNESCO World Heritage Site in the United States:  Taos Pueblo.  If you can imagine what it was like about 500 years ago when the first Spanish explorers arrived to find the Pueblo Indians living in massive adobe structures, you'll be well on your way to understanding how surprised many Americans are on their first visit. Those buildings still stand much the way they were centuries ago.   

One way to think of the Taos Pueblo is to see it as a place out of time -- its very existence has required tremendous efforts from its people to preserve.  Keeping the industrial and technological world at bay while also preserving a language that exists only in spoken form are just some of the reasons that Taos Pueblo consistently ranks among the Best of the Best.  For some visitors it's unbelievable and for many it's downright unsettling, because it quickly becomes obvious that the accumulation of wealth in the form of "things" means little or nothing to the Taos Indians.

The arrival of Spanish explorers and settlers in the early 1600's added a new cultural dimension to Taos that also strongly survives into the 21st Century.  Native Americans already had their religious and spiritual traditions as well as a unique economy based in agriculture and trade.  As history now instructs, the Spanish also brought their religious, cultural and agricultural economic traditions.   Although early disputes arose and violent clashes resulted in the 1600's, the Spanish and the Native Americans long ago settled their disputes with formal recognition of Pueblo lands and water rights as well as acceptance of the unique cultural and religious rights possessed by the Pueblo's.

With that historical undercurrent beneath the culture of this region, you'll find the strong and steady presence of Native Americans and the descendants of early Spanish settlers in every town of Northern New Mexico -- especially Taos.

Layer on top of those old relationships the relatively new presence of Americans and you'll add another dimension to a complex culture created by struggle and change.  More than anything, change in this region has often been resisted.  Waves of American culture have swept across the region and have layered their cultural distinctiveness upon the existing traditions.  Artists and writers in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, Hippies in the 1960's and 70's, and now retirees seeking the solace of this place have each come and called Taos home.

In future posts, I'll discuss the changes brought by wave after wave of settlement, but more than anything you should understand that despite it all, Taos believes only in changes that can be proven to improve the quality of life.  It's different here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Video Update

La Posada de Taos' New Video Tells You More About Us

We're proud to announce our newest online video available through La Posada de Taos' website or on

Your host, Brad Malone, narrates the brief video and is also available for your questions should you want to call us at 800.645.4803.

 La Posada de Taos' Video Page also contains other short informational videos for you to watch and catch up on the goings-on at Taos' First and longest continuously operating Bed & Breakfast.

You can also see the video on YouTube along with other videos we've posted over the years.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Return of the 1/2 Price Balloon Adventure

For the last couple of seasons, La Posada de Taos has offered an incredible deal on the one-of-a-kind Balloon Adventures in Taos.  It's been so successful that we've decided to do it over again in 2012.  When you book 3, 4 or more nights, we'll offer you one of our best rooms and throw in a Balloon Flight for 2 at half price!  It's a $250 savings just for booking 3 or more nights.

Blue Skies Abound During a Taos Balloon Adventure
Ballooning in Taos is an unparallelled experience compared to ANYWHERE else in the world.  We're not kidding.  

The Rio Grande River flows at the Bottom of the Gorge Outside Taos

 Just imagine:  you launch at dawn and fly immediately down and through the Rio Grande Gorge -- a 1000 foot deep volcanic rift just outside Taos.  Your flight takes you down to the Rio Grande River as it flows southward at the bottom of the Gorge.  After a while, your Professionally Licensed Balloon Pilot flies you up and out of the Gorge over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (3rd Highest in the U.S.) and then up and over the West Mesa outside Taos where you get unmatched views of the 13,000 foot high Sangre de Christo Mountains (Southern-most range of the Rocky Mountains) on 3 sides of you.

This Balloon Adventure is Truly One-of-a-Kind in the World

What more can you ask for?  Premium Accommodations at Taos' First and Top-Ranked B&B on Trip Advisor combined with a 1/2 price Balloon Flight that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

Staying at La Posada de Taos is Always a Treat

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

La Posada de Taos Sponsors 26th Annual Wine Festival

We're proud to once again be sponsoring this year's Taos Winter Wine Festival.

If you're interested in attending any of the events, we'll pay your entry fees ($75 value) for the event.  Just book 3 or more nights with us and we'll provide your ticket.

It's a terrific time of year in Taos and we hope you can join us as we continue our 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Winter is Always Special at La Posada de Taos

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anniversary Savings in January at La Posada de Taos

January at La Posada de Taos means our guests can take advantage of unique deals as part of our ongoing 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Crystal Clear Blue Skies at La Posada de Taos

Are you a skier?  Great!

You can ask for our Ski Week Deal.  We'll pick up your Ski Week Lessons at Taos Ski Valley -- a $99 value.

Discounted Lift Tickets.  Because we purchase Taos Ski Valley Lift Tickets via a wholesale agreement, we're able to pass that savings along to you.  Multi-Day passes are the best deal since we can pass along about $12 a day in savings directly to you.  Combine this offer with the Ski Week Deal and get an incredible stay no one else in Taos can offer.

Discounted Lodging.  During January we can offer you a 30% discount on lodging when you stay between January 16 and January 31.  This incredible savings can only be offered during that time to a limited number of guests, so consider booking soon to take advantage of this deal.  Sorry, we can't combine this offer with any other discounts.

Rocky Mountain Powdery Snow at La Posada de Taos
Finally, if you're interested in a different form of adventure during your stay in Taos, consider taking advantage of our Balloon Adventure Package.  When you book three or more nights with us, we'll set up a discount on the one-of-a-kind flight through the Taos Rio Grande Gorge outside of town on Pueblo Balloons.  Regularly Priced $250 to $300 per person, our price $200 per person.

Ballooning in Taos is a One-of-a-Kind Experience

 Call today to Book with us and take advantage of one of these deals:  (800) 645-4803

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas at La Posada de Taos

Christmas in Taos!  It's a special time in a special place.

At La Posada de Taos we simply don't hold back in any way.  On Christmas Eve, for example, we provide our guests, close friends and neighbors with an Open House immediately following the festivities at the Taos Pueblo.  With the house decorated for the holiday inside and out, we open our doors for a traditional New Mexico feast that includes foods and treats prepared by Chef's Rochelle and Michael.

With heavy snow already accumulating in the mountains around Taos, we're bound to have a White Christmas here as well.

A Snow-Covered Front Courtyard at La Posada de Taos

 This year's festivities will also include a special Christmas morning treat for our guests -- but it's a surprise, so I can say anything more. 

As of the time I write this entry, we have three rooms open for guests on Christmas.  Sorry, the week after is completely booked up, but if you're wanting some skiing along with your Christmas, consider La Posada de Taos as your perfect home away from home.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Years at Taos' First B&B and a Remarkable Sale

We're kicking off our 30th Anniversary season a little early with a remarkable 30% off sale good until December 15 excluding Thanksgiving.

It's remarkable because we know that if you come to say with us, regardless of the price you pay, you'll know that you're being taken care of as few in Taos do.  For example, with two professional chefs on staff, your breakfast each morning will be prepared to a very high standard:  Fine Dining Standard.

Think about it:  we're the top-ranked B&B in Taos on  We're the oldest B&B in Taos.  We're a short walk to the center of town and all that Taos has to offer.  600-threadcount sheets.  Wood-burning fireplaces.  Free parking.  Free wi-fi.  Top-of-the-line breakfast included in the price of your room.

Outside the El Solecito Room
Why not give us a try?

And . . . 

Here's a secret only those reading this post will know about.

Later this winter -- beginning in January -- we'll be offering deeply discounted Lift Tickets to New Mexico's Top-Ranked Ski Resort Taos Ski Valley along with free 3-course lunches at the Bavarian Restaurant.  If you call now, we'll offer you these amenities before they're officially advertised in December 2011.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Embrace the Climate You're In

Winter in Taos has been variously described as "magical" and "surprising."  But, what does it mean to your Innkeepers as former denizens of the sub-tropics of Florida and far Southern Texas? 

We have chosen to "Embrace the Climate We're In."  And we're convinced that you will find something special if you join us this Winter.

There are two key ingredients to remember:

Magical:  Snow in Taos is Rocky Mountain powder.  It's so small as to be almost "not there" since its moisture content averages around 7%.  This means that if I'm a good worker-bee Innkeeper, I can sweep the snow off the front courtyard with a broom.  Of course, if more than a few inches of snow has fallen overnight, I'll get out and shovel it.  But shoveling a few inches of snow in Taos is almost like shoveling feathers.  

Surprising:  Winter storms in Northern New Mexico typically ride the Jet Stream, meaning they move fast.  Remember that Taos averages over 300 days of sunshine a year, so it's very rare for a winter storm to linger here more than a day or so.  

As the storms break and ride away to points east, the skies open up to the incredible azure blue the artists found over a century ago.  These are the Bluebird Days and as Taos is blanketed with powdery white snow, the seemingly endless days of blue skies and brilliant sunshine bring warmth to the soul.  

The towering mountains above town remain covered as the dry snow evaporates around town and we celebrate Winter with a gusto.  It's ABOVE town where we go for Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing.

It's important to note that "cold" applies to nights in Taos, but rarely to the days.  Three layers of clothing is all you'll ever need:  a wicking layer next to your skin, a mid-layer such as a polar-tech type pullover and a heavier coat if you're going to be out and about during the snowfall or after sunset.  Gloves are nice and we always recommend a warm hat for your head.

Finally, Taos has an aggressive snow removal program on all its streets.  All roads leading into Taos are "lifelines" meaning that they are cleared as quickly as possible.  It is rare for any road into or out of Taos to be closed due to snow for more than the briefest periods of time.  Even the tiny one-lane street leading into La Posada de Taos is cleared during and after every snowfall.  

Snow never paralyzes Taos.  In fact, last winter during a relative drought between storms, we all started longing for a big storm.  It's a normal part of the cycle that we all live here and we love it dearly.

In the next couple of weeks, La Posada de Taos will be announcing its Winter Adventure Packages that will consist of columns of choices.  Each item will be discounted anywhere from 10 to 25% off the retail price you would pay if purchased on your own.  As you consider something to do this Winter, think about the magical and surprising Town of Taos and all that La Posada de Taos can offer.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiking For Everyone! Hundreds of Miles of National Forest Trails.

If you've already visited us in Taos this year, we hope you found your way back home safe and sound.  New Mexico certainly made news headlines for a few weeks while the horrific fires burned far to our south.  Although the fires were far, far away, the Forest Service closed them as far north as Taos as a safety precaution.  Our relatively wet Spring had given us some moisture compared to those places around Los Alamos and Santa Fe that are still closed because of both fire damage and continuing fire danger.

But for those of you who are yet to come to Taos, we wanted to let you know that much still awaits anyone wanting to come. 

The dry weather pattern that seemed to have persisted across the State of New Mexico for so many months has finally broken and the seasonal "monsoons" have arrived.  Daily showers can be seen building above town in the mountains and they might occasionally drift this way or that, so we're never really sure whether we'll get rain in town.  You can be assured, however, that if you're above 10,000 feet anywhere in the Southern Rockies these days, you're most likely going to get very wet and cold.

The National Forests in and around the immediate vicinity of Taos have been reopened, meaning that all the best hiking and biking trails are ready for you to visit.  Additionally, all of the Taos Ski Valley venues are wide open as well, including the most popular Williams Lake Trail.  Some of our guests reported a light dosing of "gropel" the other day -- very light snow that resembles styro-foam.  They enjoyed the experience.

If you're coming to hike during monsoon season, leave right after breakfast, pack lots of water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, food and (did I mention?) water.  More water, in fact, than you think you'll need.  Altitude can quickly dehydrate anyone.
A View of Taos Mountain from La Posada de Taos
Schedule your return to your car for no later than 3:30 PM each day.  That's about the time that locally heavy rain or snow might visit the higher trails.  The more intense any particular thunderstorm may become, the colder the temperatures it will deliver to any section of the higher mountain terrain.  So, don't risk ruining a great day -- come on back down to Taos where it might be sunny and warm or we might be having a brief shower.

La Posada has also had a Day Hikes for Guests of La Posada de Taos book printed that features some of the finest choices for hiking if you're just here for a couple or three days.  If you have time, review it once you've arrived.  It's terrific.
Northern New Mexico Sky Early Afternoon July 21, 2011
 August is a joyous time in Taos when the monsoons can keep things cool for everyone while so much of the country bakes in 100+ degree temperatures.   That kind of heat is virtually unheard of in Taos, so plan on coming to the mountains for a cool time.

Hiking, horseback riding, and llama trekking await you!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July in Taos: The Taos Pueblo Pow Wow

We've been busy here at La Posada de Taos for the last several weeks with wonderful guests from all over the world.  A recent announcement from the Town of Taos detailed the events we can expect in July, so I'd like to fill in some details for those of you coming in the upcoming weeks starting with the Pow Wow.

Regalia from "Southern" Tribe

The Taos Pueblo Pow Wow is scheduled for July 8, 9 and 10.  Beginning that Friday night at 7 pm with the Grand Entry, Native peoples from across the Western Hemisphere will entertain us wearing the regalia of their Nations and honoring their friendships with one another that date back centuries before Europeans arrived in North America.  I've been told in the past the incredible clothes you'll see are NOT costumes -- they are regalia.

Preparing for the Grand Entry, July 2010

Unlike many other ceremonies and observances at the Taos Pueblo, the Pow Wow isn't considered a religious event.  It is a social gathering and celebration of Native peoples and cultures honoring traditions and the proud histories of the many tribes participating.

Pow Wow's are a time for old friends to reunite.
 If you attend, be prepared with hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.  Cameras are allowed, but be advised that you may not take anyone's picture without their explicit consent.  I can say without a doubt, however, that a camera is highly advised.  Be courteous, patient and observant.  Ask questions.  Meet people.  Spend time doing nothing but being a spectator and then begin thinking about the camera.  Not once were we denied the opportunity to photograph, but we also felt that it was a privilege and not a right to do so.  You should know that some folks make their living working at Pow Wows.  That means that they may charge you for permission to take their photograph.  It's their job, after all.

Be Polite, Posing for Photographs is Work!
 I encourage you to visit the link to the descriptions of various dances to be held, including the Gourd Dance, Grass Dance, Men's Fancy Dance, Northern and Southern Traditionals and the Women's Dances to be held during the festivities.   

Finally, although I've been holding a room for the weekend, if you're interested in seeing this amazing display of a rich history, heritage and tradition, you'll need to call soon.  (800) 645-4803.